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BT13001 BC5MM-EXT with I2S + TI DSP
2013/6/17 下午 03:13:25
BT13001 BC5MM-EXT with I2S + TI DSP

BC05-Multimedia External Module with I2S Output plus TI DSP
Project Number: BT13001

Fully Qualified Bluetooth V2.1+EDR specification system, V3.0 specification qualified.
Bluetooth Class 2 compliant and compliant Bluetooth V1.0, V1.2, V2.0, V2.1 specification
Best in Class Bluetooth Radio with -6~+4dBm transmit power and -85dBm Receive Sensitivity
Real-time digitized RSSI available on HCI interface
64MIPS Kalimba DSP Co-processor
Low-power 1.5V operation, 1.8V to 3.6V I/O
Integrated 1.5V and 1.8V Linear Regulators
Integrated Switch-mode Regulator
Integrated Battery charger
USB V2.0 interface, I2C master compatible interface and UART interface with programmable data rate up to 3Mbits/s with an optional bypass Mode to 3Mbits/s
Supports up to 32-Mbit of External Flash Memory (16-Mbit Standard)
Multi-configurable I2S

Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec With Embedded miniDSP: TLV320AIC3254
Enhanced Audibility and Noise Cancellation
Two LED drivers with faders
Support for 802.11 Co-existence
RoHS Compliant
Surface Mountable
Size: 12.6mmX21.5mmX2.3mm (BC5MM-EXT module)

1.2 Applications:
High-quality Stereo Wireless Headsets
High-quality Mono Headsets
Hands-free Cat Kits
Wireless Speakers
VoIP Handsets
Analogue and USB Multimedia Dongles
Bluetooth-enabled Automotive Wireless Gateways
Made for ipod/iphone/ipad accessories (with authentication CP)
1.3 Option Function:
1, Option noise cancellation - One Mic or Two Mic.
2, Option Voice Recognition
3, Option Text To Speech
4, Support external Codec for High end Music Encode or Decode, such as AAC, APT-X


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