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BT12011 CSR1000 BLE Module (with antenna)
2012/8/30 上午 10:49:52
BT12011 CSR1000 BLE Module (with antenna)

 General Specification

Device Features:

■ Bluetooth® v4.0 specification

■ 7.5dBm Bluetooth low energy maximum TX output power

■ -85dBm Bluetooth low energy RX sensitivity

■ Support for Bluetooth v4.0 specification host stack including ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP

■ RSSI monitoring for proximity applications

■ <600nA current consumption in dormant mode

■ 32kHz and 16MHz crystal or system clock

■ Switch-mode power supply

■ Programmable general purpose PIO controller

■ 10-bit ADC


■ Debug SPI

■ 3 PWM modules

■ 64KB RAM and 64KB ROM

■ Watchdog timer

■ Integrated Antenna on PCB

■ Module Dimension: 17mm(L) x 12mm(W) x 2.86mm(H)




Building an ecosystem using Bluetooth low Energy

Bluetooth low energy enables the transfer of simple data sets between compact devices opening up a completely new class of Bluetooth applications such as watches, TV remote controls, medical sensors and fitness trainers.

Fun new use cases that appeal to consumers

•Play Golf –measure swing, power, wind and track session

•Go running -heart rate monitoring, calorie count and step count

•Monitor Health –blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol monitoring

•Go shopping –get live updates on discounts and special offers

•Remote control –low-cost RF for remotes that build into pre-existing BT eco systems

•Presence –PC know when new pictures taken with phone camera and can auto synchronise, auto logon to your PC

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