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BT12009 CSR8670 Module
2012/8/30 上午 10:39:51
BT12009 CSR8670 Module

 General Specification

The BlueCore® CSR8670™ BGA consumer audio platform for wired and wireless applications integrates an ultra-low-power DSP and application processor with embedded flash memory, a high-performance stereo codec, a power management subsystem, LED and LCD drivers and capacitive touch sensor inputs in a SOC IC. The dual-core architecture with flash memory enables manufacturers to easily differentiate their products with new features without extending development cycles.

The enhanced Kalimba DSP coprocessor with 80MIPS supports enhanced audio and DSP applications.

 Device Features:

■ Bluetooth® v3.0 specification fully qualified software

■ Bluetooth v4.0 specification compliant hardware

■ Radio includes integrated balun and RF performance of 10dBm transmit power and-90dBm receive sensitivity

■ 80MHz RISC MCU and 80MIPS Kalimba DSP

■ 16Mb internal flash memory (64-bit wide, 45ns); optional support for 64Mb of external SPI flash

■ Stereo codec with 2 channels of ADC and up to 6 microphone inputs (includes bias generators and digital microphone support)

■ Support for CSR's latest CVC technology for narrow-band and wideband voice connections including wind noise reduction

■ Audio interfaces: I²S, PCM and SPDIF

■ Serial interfaces: UART, USB 2.0 full-speed, master and slave bit-serialiser (I²C and SPI)

■ Integrated dual switch-mode regulators, linear regulators and battery charger

■ 3 hardware LED controllers (for RGB) and ability to drive LCD segment display directly

■ Support for up to 6 capacitive touch sensor inputs

■ Module dimension: 19.9 x 11.4 x 1.6mm

■ Green (RoHS compliant and no antimony or halogenated flame retardants)



Home Entertainment Ecosystem

■ TVs

■ Smart remote controllers

■ Wired or wireless soundbars

■ Wired or wireless speakers and headphones

Tablets / PCs / Mobile Connectivity

■ Wearable audio (on-the-go)

■ Wearable audio with sensors (health and well-being applications)

■ Wired or wireless stereo headphones for music/gaming/multimedia content

■ Wired or wireless speakers

■ Wired or wireless speakerphones

■ Mono headsets for voice

The audio codec supports 2 ADC channels, up to 6 microphone inputs, stereo output and a variety of audio standards.

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