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BT0811 BC05MM-EXT Module
2011/8/26 下午 07:34:05
BT0811 BC05MM-EXT Module

ITEM : BT0811

BC05MM-Multimedia External Module

Device Features:
· Bluetooth V3.0 BQB qualified. QDID: B020025
· Bluetooth Class 2 compliant and compliant Bluetooth V1.0, V1.2, V2.0 specification
· Best in Class Bluetooth Radio with 0~+4DBm transmit power and -85dBm Receive Sensitivity
· Real-time digitized RSSI available on HCI interface
· 64MIPS Kalimba DSP Co-processor
· Low-power 1.5V operation, 1.8V to 3.6V I/O
· Integrated 1.5V and 1.8V Linear Regulators
· Integrated Switch-mode Regulator
· Integrated Battery charger
· Full speed USB V1.1 interface, I2C and UART with dual-port Bypass Mode to 4Mbits/s
· Supports up to 32-Mbit of External Flash Memory (16-Mbit Standard)
· Multi-configurable I2S, PCM or SPDIF Interface
· Enhanced Audibility and Noise Cancellation
. mSCO, A2DP, Mp3; AAC, APT-X (Optional)
· Two LED drivers with faders
· Support for 802.11 Co-existence
· RoHS Compliant
· Surface Mountable
· Size: 12.6mmX21.5mmX2.3mm

High-quality Stereo Wireless Headsets
High-quality Mono Headsets
Hands-free Cat Kits
Wireless Speakers
VoIP Handsets
Analogue and USB Multimedia Dongles
Bluetooth-enabled Automotive Wireless Gateways

Option Function:
1. Option noise cancellation - One Mic or Two Mic.
2. Option Voice Recognition
3. Option Text To Speech
4. Support external Codec for High end Music Encode or Decode
5. Support CSR Fast Stream

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